More than Three-Quarters of Crummer Graduates Land Jobs Within 90 Days

Value of Crummer MBA degree continues to attract top employers to job seekers

The Crummer difference truly is on display when you look at the careers students are landing right out of the Crummer MBA program.

From Raymond James, to Net Conversion, and EA Sports – employers in the Central Florida area are hiring Crummer graduates, with 78% of 2018 graduates seeking employment accepting job offers within 90 days of graduation from Crummer.

For students looking to leave the state after graduation, Crummer’s reach is evident as well, with some students landing jobs across the country in states such as Colorado, New York and Georgia at companies such as Delta.

The Career Resource Center says the most popular fields recent Crummer graduates are going into are marketing/strategy, finance and business analytics.

Jane Trnka, Executive Director of the Career Resource Center, is one of the main points of contact for students and alumni seeking employment.

With decades of experience in human resources and career coaching, Trnka and her team coach hundreds of current students and alumni every year.

pmba classroom

“During the last academic year we conducted 280 coaching sessions for the EAMBAs, for everyone else [PMBA, EMBA, DBA and Alumni] we had 218, so collectively we did 498 coaching sessions,” said Trnka.

The coaching sessions help the students and alumni on everything from building their resume, optimizing their LinkedIn profiles, and helping them connect with companies that may want their talents.

“We stay very much in contact with employers to find out what they are looking for, so we can share those insights with students,” said Trnka. “Our relationships are built off of strong communication.”

Aside from in-person sessions, Trnka says their online platform “Handshake” is a great resource that has a variety of resources that students and alumni can use for tips on any aspect of their job search.

“Students need to make sure they have a strong resume, a strong LinkedIn profile, but more importantly, make sure they have their story. It’s very important to have an impactful 30-second commercial or elevator pitch, so they can talk about themselves confidently and let others know how they will contribute to a company’s success,” said Trnka.

Going the entrepreneurial route was also very popular for recent graduates, with 8 of the recent EAMBA graduates opting to forego the traditional job route and start or join a new venture.

“We encourage them to work with the Center For Advanced Entrepreneurship, where they have a robust amount of resources, but we can also connect them with other entrepreneurs,” said Trnka.

Most importantly, Crummer’s longstanding relationship with Central Florida’s top employers and the job candidates Crummer provides them has continued to be a mutually-beneficial relationship for job seekers, Crummer and the companies alike.

“They seek to hire very qualified students – we have them at Crummer – so we are more than happy to partner with them and give them great job candidates,” said Trnka.