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The Student Services office is available to assist students with a variety of functions including Academic Advising, Course Registration & Scheduling, and Team Performance. We are committed to providing a valuable personal and professional experience that supports students in the classroom and in the workplace.

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Academic Information

Courses are listed to provide you with an indication of the scope and depth of the Crummer graduate degree programs. Please note that not all courses listed are offered every year, courses listed may be dropped from the curriculum, and new courses not listed may be added to provide instruction in the latest management topics.

Executive MBA course descriptions

Professional MBA course descriptions

Early Advantage MBA course descriptions

Executive Doctorate course descriptions

Executive MBA course schedules
EMBA 41 | EMBA 40 | EMBA 39

Professional MBA course schedules
PMBA 63 | PMBA 62 | PMBA 61 | PMBA 60 | PMBA 59 | PMBA 58
Spring 2020 Course Schedules: Core | Elective

Early Advantage MBA course schedules
EAMBA 38 | EAMBA 37 | EAMBA 36 | EAMBA 35 | EAMBA 34 | EAMBA 33
Spring 2020 Course Schedules: Core | Elective

Executive Doctorate course schedules
EDBA 7 | EDBA 6 | EDBA 5

Executive MBA program of study
EMBA 40 | EMBA 39

Professional MBA program of study
PMBA 63 | PMBA 62 | PMBA 61 | PMBA 60 | PMBA 59 | PMBA 58

Early Advantage MBA program of study
EAMBA 38 | EAMBA 37 | EAMBA 36 | EAMBA 35 | EAMBA 34 | EAMBA 33

Executive Doctorate program of study
EDBA 7 | EDBA 6 | EDBA 5

Tuition is charged per term for Early Advantage students and per credit hour for Professional, Executive, and EDBA students. Monthly statements will be emailed to each student’s Rollins email account. Students can access FoxLink for up to the minute account information, including their current balance and statement history.
Executive MBA tuition
EMBA 40 | EMBA 39

Professional MBA tuition
PMBA 61 | PMBA 60 | PMBA 59 | PMBA 58

Early Advantage MBA tuition
EAMBA 36 | EAMBA 36 AMP 3/2 Students
EAMBA 35 | EAMBA 35 AMP 3/2 Students
EAMBA 34 | EAMBA 34 AMP 3/2 Students
EAMBA 33 | EAMBA 33 AMP 3/2 Students

Executive Doctorate tuition
EDBA 7 | EDBA 6 | EDBA 5

Additional Information:
Financial Aid | Payments & Billing | 4 Things You Need to Know About Your Bursar Account

Degree/Enrollment Verification

Transcript Requests

Degree/Enrollment Verification

Rollins College has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse to provide degree verification. Please contact the Office of the Registrar for more information.

Career Resource Center
Online Career Resources
EAMBA Students
PMBA, EMBA, & EDBA Students

Career Resource Center

The Career Resource Center staff at the Crummer Graduate School of Business is available to assist you with services and resources to help evaluate career options, plan for the future, and achieve optimal performance in your career search.

  • Office Location: Bush Executive Center, Room 122
  • Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

Contact us with any questions:

Career Resource Center


Handshake is your one-stop shop for career resources. This includes event information, job boards, mock interview resources, and more!

Login using your Rollins email & password.

Career Resource Center

EAMBA Student Requirements

Internship Paperwork
FDN 506 Career Strategies (Required in full-time programs)
All Early Advantage MBA students are required to complete an MBA level internship in conjunction with the FDN 506 Career Strategies course. To review course grading and assignment due dates, reference Handshake.

Internship Forms & Agreements
Each form is an assignment that counts towards the successful completion of an internship. Reference the respective class syllabus for due dates. Forms and agreements are to be submitted for all internships.

Internship Position Description – Outlines the intern’s roles, responsibilities, projects, and qualifications the employer is seeking. Due prior to accepting internship offer. Email position description to Renee Quintanilla at rquintanilla@rollins.edu for approval. Click here to see samples.

Commitment to Learning – By signing this form, the student and their supervisor agree to commit the appropriate time, resources, and training, including 5 learning objectives to ensure student success. Submit the form to Renee Quintanilla at rquintanilla@rollins.edu.

Five (5) Learning Objectives – The student along with their supervisor identify five learning objectives to be accomplished during the internship. Click here to see a sample. Submit to Renee Quintanilla at rquintanilla@rollins.edu.

Informed Consent Agreement – Every student participating in a college-sponsored internship and earning academic credit must read and electronically sign this consent form. Submit online.

Student Evaluation – This form is completed by the STUDENT INTERN. Submit online.

Employer Evaluation — This form is completed by the INTERN’S SUPERVISOR. It is the responsibility of the student to email their supervisor the link to the Employer Evaluation. Submit online.

Career Resource Center

In-Person Career Resources

PMBA, EMBA, & EDBA students can submit a Request for Services form to meet with a Career Consultant for any of the services listed below:

Individual career strategy coaching | Job-search strategy development | Resume and cover letter assistance | Mock Interviews, with recording capabilities | Networking events and Career Expo | Career assessment tool: CareerLeader | On-campus employer information sessions | Networking events and Career Expo | Personal introductions to business leaders | Access to Alumni | Weekly business journals to major cities | Personal and professional development seminars and webinars

Center for Leadership Development

Leadership Student Resources

Leadership Coaching
Crummer Mentor Program
EAMBA & PMBA Leadership Recognition Awards Program
Leadership-Related Requirement Forms

About Us

The Center for Leadership Development provides quality training and experiential programming in leadership development for MBA students. It promotes leadership development as a process of self-awareness, personal growth, and relationship and skill-building.

  • Office Location: Crummer room 114
  • Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Selina Vik, Assistant Director

Leadership Coaching

All Crummer students are eligible for leadership coaching. If you are interested in participating in this program, contact Selina Vik at svik@rollins.edu in regards to requirements.


Crummer Mentor Program

Early Advantage MBA and Professional MBA students who have completed their core courses and all Executive MBA students are eligible for the Crummer Mentor Program (CMP). Eligible students will be notified via email when the Crummer Mentor Program application is open. The CMP runs from the fall to the spring each year.

EAMBA & PMBA Leadership Recognition Awards Program

  • Year 1. Upon completing a set of leadership-related requirements (see below), EAMBA & PMBA students will receive a 1st Year Recognition of Leadership at the Annual Leadership Awards Banquet.
  • Year 2. Students may choose between fulfilling the requirements to receive a Certification in Leadership or to receive a 2nd Year Recognition of Leadership at the Annual Leadership Awards Banquet
  • SunTrust Distinguished Leader of Merit. EAMBA & PMBA students who complete the 1st Year Recognition of Leadership and are pursuing 2nd Year Recognition of Leadership or pursuing a Certificate in Leadership may apply to this competition.
  • Follow the button below to view and download the requirements.

Leadership-Related Requirement Forms

Below are a few of the forms for the Leadership Recognition Awards Program.


Center for Advanced Entrepreneurship
Student Engagement Survey
Calling All Student Entrepreneurs

Center for Advanced Entrpreneurship

The Center for Advanced Entrepreneurship connects students with advanced entrepreneurial thought leaders across a wide variety of industries through program opportunities, coaching, and mentoring that build lasting, valuable relationships.

Student Entrepreneurship Survey

Let us know how we can help you!

To receive notifications about relevant programs for you, please complete our brief Student Engagement Survey.

About Graduate Housing
Contact Property Management

About Graduate Housing

Rollins College offers graduate housing for Early Advantage MBA students. The graduate apartments are conveniently located just 3 blocks north and 1 block west of the campus. Each apartment is furnished with standard bedroom, living room, and kitchen furniture and appliances. Apartments have refinished concrete floors, and residents have access to an on-site secured laundry facility.

  • One Bedroom/One Bathroom: $950
  • Two Bedroom/One Bathroom: $1,500 or $750 each tenant

Includes: Fully furnished Apartment, FREE Laundry Room, WI-FI, Water & Trash Utility. Excludes electricity and cable.

Please Note: Rollins 3/2 Accelerated Management Program (AMP) students are now eligible to apply for housing in their first year of enrollment.

The number of apartments are limited, and are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.

Contact Property Management

For housing questions, please contact:

Leslie Rose MBA, CPM
Assistant Vice President, Property Management / Licensed Real Estate Associate
1000 Holt Ave. – 2784
Winter Park, FL 32789
Email: lrose@rollins.edu
Phone: (407) 691-1738

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Tips for Crummer Students

Student Resources

IT Help Desk Information

Welcome to Rollins. Helpful Information from the IT Help Desk including.

Where to Eat
  • Rollins College Dining. Follow the “What’s Open Now” link to see the on-campus dining options.
  • Places that accept R-Card TarBucs. A list of restaurants on-campus and off-campus that accept your r-card TarBucs as well as special student promotions from local restaurants.
Health Services
  • Rollins Wellness Center. All currently enrolled Rollins students are eligible to receive health services at the Rollins Wellness Center.
  • Local Care Providers. A wide range of wellness resources are available locally, through phone or text, and online.

Getting Around. From walking and biking to Zipcar and SunRail, there are a number of on- and off-campus transportation options.

Where to Stay

Places to Stay. Winter Park and Orlando offer plenty of great hotel options that are convenient to campus.

Where to Work Out

Harold & Ted Alfond Sports Center. All Crummer students have access to the Alfond Sports Center which includes Daryl’s Fitness Center, locker rooms, basketball courts, and fitness classes.

Parking & Campus Safety

Traffic & Parking. Learn more about traffic and parking regulations at Rollins College.

Crummer Gear

Show off your Crummer School pride! The Crummer School has created a store on the Lands’ End Business Outfitters website to provide alumni, students, and friends of the Crummer School the opportunity to purchase Crummer gear. Shop now.

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