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Experience Excellence

The Crummer Graduate School of Business at Rollins College offers three MBA programs and the Executive Doctorate in Business Administration. Each is designed to lay the foundation for students to accelerate their career goals, gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace, and advance in their organizations.

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  • Crummer graduates are prepared for the challenges of a competitive global economy through international study opportunities.
  • All students and alumni have access to career development services.
  • We also offer alumni the opportunity to return to Rollins to take free faculty-approved MBA courses after graduation.
Executive MBA
Professional MBA
Early Advantage MBA
Executive Doctorate

The Crummer Executive MBA is an MBA for busy professionals at the top of their field from a premier school in only 20 months.

The Crummer Early Advantage MBA is a 24-month program is designed for students with a wide range of educational and professional experience that mirrors the workplace.

The Crummer Professional MBA is designed for career changers and recent college graduates with little-to-no work experience and Florida’s #1-ranked MBA program (Forbes Magazine).

The Crummer Executive Doctorate in Business Administration is the first AACSB-accredited degree of its kind in Florida. Designed for executives with an MBA or equivalent degree who want to become thought leaders and contribute to organizational success at a significantly higher level than that afforded by the MBA.

Katie Gottsch
Executive DBA, Project Manager, Walt Disney Parks & Resorts
Omar Hussein
Early Advantage MBA
Appy Nahar
Early Advantage MBA
EJ VanderVoort
Executive MBA, U.S. Army Executive Officer
Katie Sequeria
Professional MBA, Manager, Darden

My Crummer

Experience a Supportive Environment

“The part that I enjoy so much about Crummer is that the professors are not there to sit and do their research, teaching isn’t a secondary function, it’s really their first function. It’s not just faculty but also the administrative staff; everyone wants to help you in this supportive environment.”

Experience a Personalized Education

“Crummer provides an individualized and pointed program that is tailored for each individual student. The professors are dedicated to student success. They give our their personal cell phone numbers, tell us to call them on weekends – they really take the time to support you in a way that is beneficial to you.”

Experience Personal Growth

“After working with the UN in India on social issues, I wanted a school that could augment my business technical skills, enhance my financial acumen, and also create a robust foundation for me grow professionally and personally. With its distinguished faculty, cohort focus, and applied approach to learning, Crummer seemed the right platform to me.”

Experience Connections

“The Crummer Experience is all about the network. The guest speakers that the faculty have brought into class and the resources that they’re able to put you in connection with have been amazing. Every time we go to class there is someone else that we’re introduced to; the network of people that Crummer is able to surround you with has been impressive.”

Experience Innovation

“The students that chose to go to Crummer make Crummer the special place that it is. They truly inspire you, push you, support you, and become a foundation. You can go out in the world and do some new and innovative things and know that you have a cohort of people who will do anything to help your dream, your vision, come to life.”