FlowIntell Wins 2024 Crummer Venture Plan Competition

Since 2012, Crummer has been hosting the premier annual event in Central Florida: a comprehensive business plan and pitch competition for startups. It welcomes regionally headquartered startups to vie for funding, exposure, and mentorship from top entrepreneurs, leaders, and venture capitalists. Contestants showcase their ventures before an esteemed panel of judges comprising accomplished investors and entrepreneurs, all competing for prize money. This competition remains the pivotal platform for Central Florida startup companies to secure funding and garner attention.

Of the 34 companies that have been finalists for the competition since 2012, two of our past 1st place winners were successfully acquired in 2020 and 27 are still in business today. Together, they have generated over $55 million in revenue, raised over $36 million in investment capital, and employ over 374 people.

For the 2024 competition, four finalists competed for $40,000 in grand prize money, $20,000 for second place, and $10,000 for third place.  55 companies entered the contest this year, and 15 made it to the semi-finals.

The results of the 2024 competition are as follows:



THIRD PLACE: Silicon Assurance


For women with undiagnosed menstrual pain, FlowIntell’s non-invasive, at-home endometriosis screening kit and app provides rapid, affordable results and a connection to specialists and community forums for follow-up support. Jessica King is the CEO of FlowIntell, and she found value in the overall competition experience: “The pitch competition has been both stressful and humbling. It highlights the stark realities faced by women in the industry, like the limited access to funding, human capital, and diverse boards. Programs like the Crummer pitch competition provide vital support for underrepresented members like myself. Additionally, discussing taboo topics related to women’s health, such as menstrual bleeding, has been unexpectedly challenging. It’s disheartening to see the lack of education among investors and mentors on issues like period pain and endometriosis, which can hinder investment opportunities. Learning about the shocking statistics, like 30% of women receiving their first lesson on menstrual cycles with their first period, and the medical deserts in the US where over 40% of counties lack OBGYN doctors, has further highlighted the importance of our work in tackling these health disparities.”

As far as the $40,000 goes, Jessica has plans for it: “We’re seeking $500,000 from angel investors to support various aspects of our diagnostic technology venture. Funds will be allocated to marketing and brand development to enhance visibility and validate market demand, product development including a deep usability, technical and software development for app integration, and operational support to ensure smooth day-to-day functioning. These investments will propel us toward our mission of addressing unmet needs in women’s health, particularly in menstrual pain and endometriosis-related symptoms, through innovative solutions and strategic growth.” She will also be receiving a year’s worth of in-kind services from business experts.

Please join us in congratulating Jessica and FlowIntell for their big win. We wish them much success in their business journey.