EAMBA Student Austin Franklin Seeks to Inspire as Author and Public Speaker

Austin Franklin EAMBA 32 combines entrepreneurial spirit with passion for motivating people.

Ten minutes in a room with Crummer MBA student Austin Franklin will leave you feeling motivated.

Or, maybe give you the unsettling realization that you aren’t nearly as busy as you thought you were.

Recently, Austin Franklin published a literary guide (released August 2018) to accompany his first book, Wake, Rise, and Smile (released October 2017). Both his book and literary guide were released while balancing being a full-time MBA student and running his positive lifestyle company, Good-Natured Life that has him hitting the road on motivational speaking engagements throughout the semester.

For this young entrepreneur, this packed schedule is all part of the plan.

“I envision Good-Natured Life becoming a global brand. Thus far, I’ve primarily conducted speaking engagements in Florida. However, in the near future, I want those engagements to extend beyond Florida and ultimately start reaching an international scale. In addition, I would like for Good-Natured Life to expand into other avenues, like the health sector, down the road” said Austin Franklin.

Franklin started Good-Natured Life during his junior year of undergrad after taking a course called, Entrepreneurial Thinking. At Crummer, he’s honed and refined his entrepreneurial skills.

austin franklin

“I’ve always considered myself a good-natured human being,” said Franklin. “Those traits were passed down by my parents at a young age. I grew up in a kind, friendly, and patient atmosphere. Since I lived in a good-natured home and saw the benefit of acting in that manner, I decided to couple those characteristics with my entrepreneurial spirit and create a company called Good-Natured Life.”

In just a few years since starting the company, Austin has had the privilege of delivering three commencement addresses and was the featured 2018 keynote speaker for the City of Green Cove Springs’ Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day event.

Once he realized his public speaking was making an impact on people, he decided to put pen to paper and start writing Wake, Rise and Smile, which can be found in the Rollins Bookstore, Amazon, any major online book seller, or on his websites – www.wakeriseandsmile.com and www.goodnaturedlife.com.

“It’s a book based on four true stories and one remarkable idea that teach us how to Rise Above Life’s Disadvantages. These principles and one remarkable idea (being KFP- Kind, Friendly, and Patient) will give us the ingredients to successfully grapple with life’s difficulties.”

In life, we all have struggles, so having a toolkit, like Wake, Rise, and Smile, is important.

“I was born prematurely, and because of unexpected conditions the doctors recommended my early delivery. If not, my mother was told she could die and me. My parents were told that they could always have another baby.”

Thankfully, Austin said his parents relied on their strong faith and believed that he would be born.

“As a result of my premature birth, I dealt with learning difficulties growing up, but it did not defeat me. Instead, I was taught how to rise above my learning difficulties. As a result, my struggle ended up positively affecting me because it made me develop a strong work ethic and believe in miracles,” said Franklin.

Austin said this experience made him appreciate the gift of being alive and the sacrifices his parents made to help him rise above his challenges. Most importantly, it gave him his passion to help others rise above their difficulties.

“I used my personal disadvantages and what I’ve gone through in life, to inspire audiences, so they can feel that same source of hope and inspiration,” said Franklin.

With his graduation nearing in May, Austin credits his Crummer experience for helping him develop and mature his brand as he gets ready to focus on his positive-lifestyle company full-time.

As a self-described introvert, Austin has come a long way from when he remembers an undergrad professor telling him he was whispering when giving a presentation.

Today, he says he feels “no nerves” when getting on the stage to inspire people.

“The stage isn’t nerve-wracking, because when I am on the stage, I feel as if I am operating in my gift – being a vessel for others – trying to encourage them to rise above their situation” said Franklin. “My mission is bigger than me and it does not feel like work because I enjoy crafting and coming up with messages that are very powerful and life-changing.”

The final leg of the Crummer MBA for Austin will be the intensive Integrated Capstone Experience track, but he doesn’t plan on slowing down his schedule anytime soon, even if that means sacrificing a little sleep and leisure time.

“I know it’s going to be challenging” admits Franklin.

Currently, he is mapping out and planning to hit the road upon graduation in May on a Good-Natured Life College Speaking Tour. When he’s not on the road or inspiring the next generation, he plans to start authoring his second book and expanding the Good-Natured Life brand.

“I’m excited about these final few months at Crummer and I’m thankful for the opportunity to be an MBA student here,” said Franklin.