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Crummer Student Shares Entrepreneurial Journey

CEA Think Tank

This article appears in the June 2020 Center for Advanced Entrepreneurship newsletter. 

Xinrun “Frank” Zhuang entered Rollins College in 2014 to obtain a BA in Psychology and Business Management.

He then went on to pursue an MBA at the Crummer Graduate School of Business. Xinrun graduated in May 2020 with concentrations in Entrepreneurship and Finance.

In the following video he shares his journey through the entrepreneurship track at Crummer:


Dedicated to entrepreneurship, Xinrun, along with fellow Crummer students, Emerson Ross and Colton Plante took the charge and participated in the entrepreneurship event known as StartUp Weekend Orlando during Global Entrepreneurship Week 2019.

Participants spent the weekend creating a prototype of an idea, validating the idea, forming a team and then receiving feedback from experienced entrepreneurs. The Crummer students, along with team lead Nelson Cienfuegos of Westgate Resorts, placed second in the event.

While at both Crummer and Rollins, Xinrun participated in many leadership roles. One of his fondest was that of president of the Crummer Entrepreneurship Association (CEA), a student led organization which provides opportunities to connect students and entrepreneurs.

Over the course of the year, Xinrun was instrumental in leading his team to create events of interest to the students including a Think Tank where students exchange entrepreneurial ideas.

Xinrun is currently working with a consulting team focused on helping small-to-medium-sized enterprises.


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