What is an Alumni Network?

Graduating with any degree is a major accomplishment — and one you should be immensely proud of. The day you receive your diploma, you become an alum of your educational institution. It is a proud day, and that is a proud title to hold!

Those in your graduating class become fellow alums, but it’s also important to remember the years of distinguished graduates who came before you. In many cases, there are years and years of fellow alumni who graduated from the same institution, and you are now following in their footsteps.

Most universities and colleges have alumni networks that have proven beneficial for graduates of any age. Alumni groups provide ample opportunity for networking connections, career insight, professional support, and more. Alumni associations hold events that benefit current students and alumni alike, and give opportunities for volunteer service.

A good alumni association will also share success stories from accomplished alumni that speak to the excellence of the school. As SNHU states, “An alumni network connects you, as a graduate, with a number of professional contacts and other graduates from your university.” Whatever the university, being a proud alum of your alma mater will help connect you to important networks that can be beneficial to your career.

Importance of an Alumni Network

Your alma mater knows that a strong alumni community is an integral component of a successful school. Though their main purpose is to serve alumni, a strong alumni association will inadvertently help increase university enrollment, improve the educational experience of current students, and create well-rounded graduates.

When you become a part of your school’s alumni network, there are an abundance of ways you can get involved in giving back to your school. There are also countless opportunities to network and set yourself on a path for exponential career growth. 

An alumni network will keep you connected to your colleagues and help you develop professional relationships with important people along the way. Being a part of your school’s alumni network is very important and comes with a great deal of rewarding benefits.

Benefits of an Alumni Network

The professional development you will experience as an alum will make you an advocate for lifelong learning. As part of the alumni community, you can become an alumni mentor, participate in networking events, volunteer for nonprofits and other public service, participate in webinars for the school, and so much more.

Alumni associations are more than just discounts and get-togethers, though those are perks of being a proud alum. Getting involved and active in your school’s alumni network is a great decision and will keep you forever connected with a school that taught you so much.

Alumni Events

As an alum, you can attend and host alumni events of all types. Some alumni events are fundraisers for the school or other nonprofits, while others are just get-togethers with other fellow alumni. Some alumni associations will even host tailgate parties for football games and sophisticated afterparties following concerts presented by the school of music. 

Many alumni events are hosted to give back to the school as well. Alumni are often in charge of one or more scholarship funds and host fundraising events in order to offer as much scholarship money as possible to current students. No matter the event, alumni gatherings are a great place to network and stay connected with the friends and colleagues you made while you were pursuing your education. 

Networking Opportunities

Many alumni associations focus heavily on networking. They will often host career fairs where you can find a job or network with people who may be colleagues you need to call on later in your career. Alumni groups are also a great place to get interview tips. Many of the seasoned alumni are CEOs, managers, and supervisors in their careers and can give you the dos and don’ts of professional interviews.

Networking within your alumni association is one of its biggest perks. There is almost always someone within your alumni community who will have advice or guidance wherever you are in your professional career. Making connections will pay off in the long run and can often introduce you to people who become great friends.


Alumni often benefit from things like discounted tickets to football games and other university activities, continued access to campus libraries, and discounts at campus bookstores. Some alumni associations even host major trips at steeply discounted prices. 

Many local businesses near your alma mater may offer discounts for alumni as well. Oftentimes, businesses owned by fellow alumni may give you a discount too. Even more noteworthy, alumni can often get discounted tuition for further education. If you choose to attend your alma mater for another degree, make sure you mention to the admissions office that you’re an alum, and see what kind of discount they offer. 

Career Services

Whether you’re a seasoned alum or a recent graduate, you can benefit from career services within your alumni network. Alumni who are experienced in their professional career can mentor and guide current students and recent graduates. 

This is one of the best ways to network within your alumni association. When you become acquainted with experienced pros and listen to their skilled guidance, it can jumpstart your professional career. They can guide you through tough seasons in your career and be the people you go to when you have serious questions that need an educated answer. You can also receive connections within your career path and have a seasoned professional who can be a recommendation for potential job opportunities.

Volunteer Opportunities

Giving back to an institution that gave so much to you is rewarding. Alumni associations are often asked by the educational institution to provide volunteers for events and staff committees. Sometimes, experienced alumni are even asked to serve as guest lecturers. 

Alumni groups often house scholarships for current students and can help ease the financial burden of higher education for those who are currently attending school. By hosting fundraisers, alumni can acquire funds to give back to their school through scholarships. At some schools, alumni can even aid in the admissions process and help determine the future alumni of their alma mater. 

Colleges That Have the Best Alumni Network

Alumni associations have various strengths depending on the school. Some are very well rounded, while others excel in things like their alumni mentorship programs or even groups that specifically support and promote alumni. When a school has a strong alumni network, it proves that becoming a student will benefit you in and out of your degree program. Some of the best alumni networks are:

These schools have large and active alumni communities that give back to their schools and stay connected with one another. There are dozens of other notable alumni associations, so it is important to research your university’s alumni network to see how you can get involved.


Being an alum is more than just a bumper sticker and a phrase that you say. There are countless ways to give back, help current students, and connect with individuals who will help further your career. Wherever you have chosen to attend school, look into your alumni association and attend the next event that they hold. You can learn about their networking opportunities and find ways to volunteer for your school and the community it is in.

Crummer prides itself in a strong and active alumni association that is dedicated to helping former and current students. Their alumni board is made up of members from all different backgrounds and demographics, and they have many ways you can get involved. If you are a former or current student at Crummer, or planning to attend soon, check out their alumni page and get acquainted with all the ways you can get involved!