Summer Internships Provide Invaluable Learning Experiences

Summer internships for graduate business students offer invaluable learning experiences that extend far beyond the classroom. Immersing oneself in a real-world business environment allows students to apply theoretical knowledge to practical challenges, gain hands-on experience, and develop critical skills that are essential for career advancement. At Crummer, we work hard to set our students up for success, which is why we require our full-time Early Advantage students to have an internship, whether in the summer or during the semester. EA students often directly come from undergrad without professional experience, so these internships offer opportunities for tremendous professional growth. 

Four students share their reasons for completing their internships in the summer instead of the fall or spring and the key takeaways they’ve learned so far: 

cole cecconi

Cole Cecconi 

Bank of America/Merril Lynch 

Sales and Operations 

“As far as why I spent my summer interning, I have spent the last three summer doing internships as I believe they are a great way to gain experience in an industry as well as a network of people who can help me start my career once I graduate with my master’s.  

Through my internships with Merrill Lynch, I have been able to develop relationships with several financial advisors and senior vice presidents. Having those relationships allows me to better use my time in the office and be able to do more credible work and put myself in a better position to get a job offer after, which is the real end goal.” 

aqsa hasan

Aqsa Hasan 


Ancillary Services  

“I chose to intern this summer because I want to use my time productively and gain more experience in the business field. Interning will give me the opportunity to develop and refine my professional skills, including becoming more independent in a professional setting. Specifically with this internship, as an Ancillary Services Intern with AdventHealth, I want to build more connections and learn more about the corporate side of healthcare.  

This internship is solidifying my understanding of the professional world, allowing me to apply my knowledge from school in a practical setting. I am gaining a deeper understanding of the healthcare industry, including challenges faced by the corporate side of healthcare. I am also building connections with my supervisor and colleagues as I work on lab modalities and select committees with them to improve the functionality of AdventHealth hospitals across the U.S.” 

laura jaegerhuber

Laura Jaegerhuber 

Infinity Provisions Inc. 

Food Service Manager 

“I chose to intern over the summer to apply the theoretical knowledge from my MBA studies in a practical environment, build my professional network, and enhance my resume. It’s an excellent opportunity to immerse myself fully in the business world without the distraction of concurrent classes. 

So far, my key takeaways include the critical importance of teamwork and effective communication in a professional setting, gaining a deeper understanding of industry-specific challenges, and developing my leadership and problem-solving skills. These experiences are invaluable for my career development post-MBA.” 

rowan richter

Rowan Richter 

Walt Disney Parks and Resorts 

Pricing and Revenue Management 

“I was beyond thrilled to accept this summer internship position. It was not only an opportunity to gain hands-on experience in my desired field (IT and Data Science/Analytics) and contribute to projects that impact millions of guests, but it also provided me the chance to work for a world-renowned brand that I have grown up around and loved my whole life.  

Moreover, by choosing to spend summer interning, I had a several-month break from school where I could solely focus my efforts on gaining work experience, networking, developing my skills, and gaining industry exposure. Finding an opportunity that exceled in offering these aspects was crucial for me and I’m thrilled that this experience has everything I was looking for.” 

Summer internships can serve as an indispensable component of graduate business education, offering students a multifaceted platform to enhance their academic learning with real-world experience. As illustrated by the experiences of Rowan Richter, Laura Jaegerhuber, Cole Cecconi, and Aqsa Hasan, these internships provide unparalleled opportunities for professional growth, networking, and skill development. By engaging in meaningful projects and navigating the complexities of their respective industries, these students are not only preparing themselves for successful careers but also contributing valuable insights and innovations to their organizations.  

Crummer prides itself on placing students in meaningful internships across industries. To get started on your MBA and internship journey, stop by one of our upcoming in-person or online events.