Crummer Venture Plan Winner: FlowIntell Aims to Empower Women with Knowledge and Support

For women suffering with intense period pain who may have endometriosis, there are few options out there for screening. That’s where Jessica King and FlowIntell come in. Endometriosis is a medical condition that occurs in individuals with uteruses and includes symptoms such as heavy flows, missed periods, painful cramps, diarrhea, constipation, anxiety, painful sex, and infertility. The average woman is misdiagnosed five times before learning she has the condition, and one in seven women has her symptoms dismissed by doctors, family members, or spouses. Jessica aims to help women identify endometriosis with FlowIntell’s non-invasive, at-home testing kit as well as support them with their telehealth app and online community.  

Jessica founded the company after three of her friends were trying to conceive at the same time and were having difficulty, ultimately leading to endometriosis diagnoses. It was the first time the women had learned of the condition, and there weren’t many resources out there for them. “A lot of their symptoms were normalized, and that’s called ‘silent endo’ when the symptoms are overlooked,” Jessica explains. It’s also hard to quantify and discuss pain in general, especially when a woman is trying to explain women-related symptoms to medical professionals who might be male and don’t have an innate sense of the sensation. 

The mission of FlowIntell is not just to give test results, although it does that, but also to empower women with knowledge and support. “I would like these hushed, taboo, stigmatized topics to surface so women can have confidence in making decisions about reproductive health,” Jessica says. The FlowIntell app allows users to view test results, consult a specialist, view videos and articles, and participate in a community forum. Jessica is creating a platform and community for women to have important discussions about their reproductive health. 

When it comes to her business, Jessica is passionate about making sure women feel confident in their decision making. “We don’t want women to be second-guessed as patients or as entrepreneurs. We are allowed to take up space and feel confident in decision-making.” Individuals should be able to go to their doctors, discuss their symptoms while being actively listened to, and make decisions about their treatment with confidence and empowerment.  

FlowIntell recently won the 2024 Crummer Venture Plan Competition, taking home the grand prize of $40,000 and a year’s worth of in-kind services. Jessica had three reasons for entering the competition. First, it would be a chance to earn funding for the company. Second, Jessica had been to the competition finals in the past but didn’t win, so she wanted to show the judges and her mentors the company’s growth. Third, from her experience, she knew that there were probably going to be more males than females present in the room for the pitches, and she hoped that her presentation would open the door to important conversations about women’s reproductive health.  

Judi Awsumb, one of the competition judges for the final round and owner of Awsumb Entreprises, Inc., shares her insights into why FlowIntell was the top winner: “I was impressed with FlowIntell’s innovative solution to address and empower women’s reproductive health issues. Jessica anticipated the judges’ questions and successfully answered each question with a prepared slide. She was prepared and had a well-thought-out presentation and compelling product solution that is needed to empower women’s health.” 

As far as the winnings go, Jessica has a plan: “Funds will be allocated to marketing and brand development to enhance visibility and validate market demand, product development including a deep usability, technical and software development for app integration, and operational support to ensure smooth day-to-day functioning.”  

FlowIntell was also recognized by the Orlando Business Journal on their “Startups to Watch in 2024” list. The acknowledgement has helped Jessica with her admitted imposter syndrome and helped build her confidence as an entrepreneur in addition to winning the Crummer Venture Plan Competition. She also appreciates the opportunity to get some attention to women’s health topics that are often considered taboo. “Not a lot of people are using the words I use in print,” she said. “Any opportunity to normalize the discussion of women’s reproductive health is a step in the right direction.”  

With winning the competition and the other attention FlowIntell is getting, the company has a bright future. “We’d like our platform to be the first line that women take when they are curious about their bodies. We want to make sure we become a medically backed, scientifically accurate community for women to learn about what’s going on with their body.” Jessica also has an emphasis on being an equitable partner who is able to get the screening device into the hands that need it, whether or not they can afford it. She aims for FlowIntell to become a B Corporation where her social mission is at the forefront of every business decision she makes. “I keep reading more and more about women not having access to reproductive health and the issues the women BIPOC community has with misdiagnosis or no diagnosis at all. There isn’t equitable care.” Jessica wants to make sure underrepresented communities get the attention they need.  

By providing innovative solutions like non-invasive testing kits and a comprehensive telehealth app, FlowIntell is not only revolutionizing diagnosis but also fostering a community where women can openly discuss their health without fear or stigma. As accolades pour in, FlowIntell’s vision of becoming a trusted resource for women worldwide is becoming a reality. With every milestone, Jessica reaffirms her commitment to equity and inclusivity in healthcare, ensuring that no woman is left behind in the journey toward better reproductive health. 

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