Charlie Putrino ’24MBA Wins Prestigious Arthur Ashe Leadership and Sportsmanship Award

Charles Putrino III is not only a winner on the tennis court, but in character as well. He is the embodiment of the Crummer ethos and has been widely involved in the school. Charlie was not only the captain of the men’s tennis team for two years, he was also the president of his class, vice president of the Crummer Finance Organization, inducted into the Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society, and graduated Crummer with a GPA of 3.99.  

In addition to his studies and extracurricular activities, Charlie helped guide the Rollins men’s tennis team to an undefeated season and a national ranking of fourth place. Clearly, Charlie is a winner on and off the court, and his accomplishments were recognized this year with the Arthur Ashe Leadership and Sportsmanship Award. 

Since 1982, the Arthur Ashe Award recognizes outstanding student-athletes at the national level who have shown exemplary sportsmanship and leadership, as well as scholastic, extracurricular, and tennis achievements. “This is the most prestigious individual leadership award in all of Collegiate tennis, and perhaps the most coveted award given to student-athletes,” said Rollins men’s tennis coach Jay Friedman.  

Charlie first picked up a racquet at the age of four and started tournaments at nine. His father played tennis, and one of their life goals is to play in national father-son matches. When asked what he enjoys about the game, Charlie answered, “It’s a microcosm of life, really.  There are so many things going on in a match where it’s just up to you to handle.” One adjustment he had to make when going from high school to college tennis was the team element. From ages nine through eighteen, it’s an individual sport, and then a player is thrust onto a team with new dynamics to learn. But that didn’t stop Charlie. 

There is only one thing that did—a torn labrum in his left hip during his second year of playing. He was in pain and needed surgery to correct the problem. He came back the next year but wasn’t playing up to his standards. The next season, Charlie was healed, practiced, and ready, and he had his best season yet.  

As team captain, Charlie was focused on uplifting his teammates. “If I win or lose doesn’t matter. How the team does is a better reflection of me than my own results.” Charlie was always willing to sacrifice his own time for the betterment of the team, and it was a good learning experience for him.  

Not only did Charlie face challenges on the court, he had some off the court as well. The final year of his MBA proved to be the toughest hurdle. On top of classes, tennis, and extracurricular commitments, he was interning at Siemens Gamesa for twenty hours per week. But he faced it all with a positive attitude. “It was the best learning experience for time management. Every block of thirty minutes you have is so important to get something done.” When Charlie got the chance to relax, he would genuinely enjoy it, fully appreciating the moment.  

Time management wasn’t the only skill that transferred from the tennis courts to Crummer, discipline did as well. “If you are out there for three or four hours a day in the grueling heat, it becomes a lot easier to do that assignment or paper you don’t want to do. It makes you not procrastinate.” Lessons from being on a sports team also transfer over to being on a business team. And the way Crummer structures its classwork, there is a lot of opportunity to practice those skills.  

Overall, Charlie reports that he has thoroughly enjoyed his Crummer experience. “My favorite two years of school, for sure. I would go back to Crummer ten out of ten times.” Just like on the tennis team, he has a great appreciation for people, highly valuing his fellow students and his professors. When he first came to the school, he was unsure of what he wanted to do professionally, but during his first year, he was exposed to so many different disciplines, he was able to find his calling—finance. 

Following his passion, Charlie recently accepted a position as a financial analyst with CNL. He is looking forward to the scope of work that will come with his new role. “It covers such a wide breadth of knowledge. All the different subjects in my MBA will apply.”  

When it comes to advice for students just starting their MBA journey, Charlie recommends staying on top of things and working ahead as much as possible. He also encourages students to build their networks, both professionally and within their own cohort. 

True to his selfless character, Charlie wanted to end with this: “I would not even be considered for this award or anything if it wasn’t for my teammates. I don’t know if I could have envisioned how successful this year would have been without these guys.”  

Charlie Putrino’s journey exemplifies the blend of dedication, resilience, and leadership both on and off the tennis court. His outstanding achievements, culminating in the prestigious Arthur Ashe Leadership and Sportsmanship Award, highlight his unwavering commitment to excellence. Balancing rigorous academic pursuits, intense athletic commitments, and meaningful extracurricular activities, Charlie has mastered the art of time management and discipline. His selfless approach to team success and his genuine care for others have left a lasting impact on his teammates and peers. As he embarks on his career as a financial analyst, Charlie continues to embody the Crummer ethos, inspiring future generations with his passion, hard work, and humility. 

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