Executive Doctorate Program - FAQs

The following are a list of frequently asked questions and responses. If you have a question that is not addressed here, please contact us at 407-646-2405/1-800-866-2405 or edba@rollins.edu.


What is the classroom experience like?
Each class session is conducted in a seminar style with high interaction between the students and professor, as well as among the students themselves. Prior to class session, each student will have read in-depth articles on top-of-field issues. Your professor for the course will facilitate discussion, but will not lecture to the class. Robust discussions push up the level of understanding and insight within the classroom.

Will assignments be team-based?
The EDBA is a cohort program, meaning that everyone in your entering class starts together. However, unlike an MBA program, most of the work is individually based and not team-based. The research project that begins with the first summer term will include multiple students.

Is travel required?
There is no international trip required; however, you may decide (with approval of your faculty advisor) to travel as part of an elective course related to your research.

Is it possible to be in this program if I don’t live in Central Florida?
During the first two years of the program, classes will be held on campus for two days (Friday and Saturday) each month during the fall and spring terms. We expect there will be a number of students who will travel in from out of town for the on-campus portion of the program. Summer terms following the first and second year will be devoted to working on a faculty-guided research project, thus no formal classes are scheduled. The third year of the program is primarily devoted to working on your dissertation. If you are going to be traveling from out of town for the program, The Alfond Inn at Rollins is conveniently located close to the Bush Executive Center where your classes are held.

How can I best prepare for the program?
You will attend an orientation that will prepare you to hit the ground running when classes start in September. During the orientation we will explain how to best read and prepare for a doctoral seminar and will go over other stages of the EDBA program so that you will be completely prepared and will know exactly what to expect during the program. You will receive all your assignments for the September class sessions during the orientation.


How do I choose my research topic?
You will have a faculty advisor that will work with you from the beginning to help you identify research areas of interest to you. You will have plenty of opportunities to interact with faculty members from across the various business disciplines at Crummer.

What are the areas of expertise at the Crummer Graduate School of Business?
Broad areas represented are economics, finance, global business, leadership, marketing, operations management, organizational behavior, human resources, and strategy. We encourage cross-disciplinary work among these areas. When it comes time for your dissertation, you will have a dissertation committee chairperson and a second member.

Should I choose a topic in my current field into which I want to delve more deeply or should I consider selecting a topic in a different field in order to stretch my research skills and knowledge?
Either choice works if it’s the right choice for you and your goals. You will work closely with a faculty advisor who will help you determine which path is in your best interest.

Does my current employer/industry need to be factored into the research area I choose?
This is entirely up to you. You may choose to research a topic in your current industry for your current company, or you can choose a different area that you want to go into or in which you have an interest. Regardless, you should choose a research area that you are passionate about studying in order to make the EDBA experience meaningful and rewarding. Your choices will be made under the supervision of your faculty advisor, and later your dissertation committee.

Will my research be published?
Both the second year research project and the dissertation should hold high potential for publication.  A caveat is that even for experienced researchers, there are no “guarantees” that a project will ultimately result in a publication.


How can earning a Rollins EDBA position me for future success?
The EDBA is well-positioned to make you a more attractive member of your organization’s leadership. The research you do in the EDBA program will be focused on what you are doing or want to be doing in business today and in the future. It will be of value to you and others in your firm and industry. Many have entered EDBA programs at other schools with a dream to move up the ladder and are finding success after they graduate. Others who have wanted to cycle into a different career track – consulting, for example – have found that they wouldn’t have been in a position to make that change if they hadn’t completed an EDBA. The research skills and experience, as well as the credentials earned, provide the capability and confidence to move into a higher level role. The key to answering this question is based largely on your own goals, passion, and the effort you put into the EDBA program.

Can you enter academia with this degree?
This will depend on the institution you are interested in and its mission. However, there are new AACSB standards that will allow individuals who have earned an EDBA to be considered qualified faculty if it fits that institution’s mission. If you are motivated to go into academia, please discuss this with us during the admissions process so that we may counsel you about your specific interests and goals. We can help you determine if this program is the right fit for you and your interest in an academic position. To set up an appointment, please call us at 407-646-2405/1-800-866-2405 or e-mail edba@rollins.edu.


What are the criteria for work experience?
We’re looking at a benchmark of 10 years of substantive work experience and individuals that can add significant value to their overall cohort group experience inside and outside the classroom. However, this will depend on your background. If you have questions, please contact our office at 407-646-2405/1-800-866-2405 or edba@rollins.edu.

What supporting documentation is required after I submit my application?

  • Two letters of reference
  • Official transcripts
  • Three essays
  • Detailed resume

Is the GMAT required?
Because EDBA candidates will already have earned a master’s degree or some related advanced degree, no GMAT will be required.

What is the timeline for admission?
The next group of EDBA students will be admitted to begin their program in August. Admission for that group will be granted on an ongoing basis; that is, we will fully consider your application upon submission. Thus, you are encouraged to submit the full application packet as early as possible. The admissions process will close if the class is full.

What does the program cost?
Click here for current tuition and other fee details.

Is financial aid available?
Yes. Please call the Rollins Financial Aid office at 407-646-2395. Our staff will help you find the best option to fund your education.

Is it possible that my employer would fund this educational investment?
Because EDBA students will be honing higher level skills through research and will be positioned to add value to their organizations, many employers will be interested in funding tuition for their key employees. We can work with you and your employer to determine a field of research that will further their goals and yours. For specific information, please contact our Admissions Office at 407-646-2405/1-800-866-2405.