Getting to Know the 2022 Crummer Venture Plan Competition Semifinalists

The annual Venture Plan Competition, hosted by Crummer every year since 2015, is Central Florida’s largest, most comprehensive, and most prestigious business plan and pitch competition for startups.

The Crummer Venture Plan Competition is back for its eighth year as the premier plan and pitch competition for Central Florida startup companies seeking exposure and funding.

Open to all regionally headquartered startups, the annual competition is where teams battle for substantial prizes in front of the region’s top entrepreneurs, leaders, and venture capitalists.


For the first time ever, the 2022 prize distribution consists of a $50,000 prize for 1st place. Other prizes include $25,000 for 2nd place and $10,000 for 3rd place. In addition to the prize money, the 2022 competition winner will also receive an opportunity to qualify for up to $25,000 in a convertible note on successful completion and due diligence, and in-kind service offerings, such as strategic consultation, accounting, and legal support.

The total value of this year’s finalist prize package, including cash distributed to the winners and in-kind services from partners, is well over $100,000.

Over 50 startups applied for the Venture Plan Competition this year, and now there are 15 remaining teams that will be competing for a chance to pitch at the Venture Plan Competition Finals on Thursday, March 3.

The remaining 15 teams are as follows:

– Altus Data: Memorializing Residential & Commercial Construction for Businesses and Consumers ultimately developing the “CARFAX” for structures. Altus Data Inc. provides Digital Asset Management (DAM) solutions for residential & commercial contractors and consumers.

– Awana: Awana is an HR platform that eliminates the barrier for companies to hire in LatAm. Awana provides companies a way to hire in LatAm through an automated matching system to connect developers to clients through a specialized algorithm and Awana helps companies retain their employess through a payroll service that keeps companies compliant internationally.

– Career Passport: CareerPassport is an app that helps YOU easily identify and find the right job at the right time for YOUR career. Be as ambitious as you want to be — we’ll help you find the necessary training for your dream job and will use your unique personality and career data to help you find the best fit, most rewarding work for YOU anytime you are looking for work or to better YOUR life.

– Connectthedock: We are the Airbnb of Private Dock Rentals. We provide a state of the art platform that connects private boaters with private Dock Owners. Utilizing Insurance, Contracts, Rating Systems, Marketing, and Transparency we connect two customer bases that are actively seeking each other.

– Good Dog Studio: Good Dog Studios Inc has a superstar team with numerous highly successful games developed, shipped, and played by tens and hundreds of millions of players.

– Halo Engines: Halo Engines works at the forefront of innovative power generation and propulsion systems, advancing the state-of-the-art in key technologies that will enable next-generation hypersonics vehicles and green combustion.

– Junior Golf Preparatory Academy: The Junior Golf Preparatory Academy is a LaaS company that has a proprietary methodology it uses to train coaches to increase the retention of kids in sports. By screening and training the correct coaches, academies and federation can significantly increase the participation and retention of kids in their respective sports.

– Loqul: Loqul is a real estate marketplace built on blockchain that allows for the sale and transfer of title through smart contracts (Non-Fungible Tokens). We believe that the real estate transaction process is broken, due to the fact that due diligence, appraisal, inspection, and loan approval all come after the offer is accepted.

– Ostrich: Ostrich enables users to achieve their financial goals through our mobile app which groups employees & consumers by life milestone so that they can work together in gamified financial challenges and succeed with together.

– Pink Lotus Technologies: Described as the Uber in child safety, they aim to connect your child’s profile and location directly to 911.

– QLEDCures: QLEDCures is developing low cost, flexible quantum dot light emitting devices (QLEDs) as thin, light-weight and uniformly large area home-use lighting bandage products that will enable wide clinical acceptance of photomedicine.

– Rivera Sisters (In.hand.book): In.Hand.Book is a mobile app that automates the way employers distribute policies and procedures, so that employees can access information anytime, anywhere.

– Soarce: To help athletic brands drastically reduce their product’s carbon footprint without compromising on performance, Soarce is replacing plastics with a cool to the touch material made from plants.

– The Kinnect Company: The entire process of estate management is broken we’ve just accepted it as ‘normal’ when it takes months or years to settle someone’s estate. Kinnect solves this problem by helping families stay seamlessly connected to their important information. We help families manage and share all of their important information in a central, secure application.

– UNBARD Coffee: UNBARD Coffee is the world’s only coffee pre-workout company. The current ready-to-drink pre-workout market is flawed: there’s too many low-quality caffeine sources, too much sucralose, and too many ingredients nobody can pronounce.